41 - Sammy, Apokalypto, Shorty and Dolan - The Ball

Good Clean Talks 41 We all crammed in on the microphones tonight to talk about balls. Well, balls, animal care, the illuminati, free masons, the music industry and corruption in the medical system. Listen up to find out how to scare a chinchilla to death! Also in the episode we introduce a snapchat computation where you could win a costume made prize or one of Sammy's homemade bath bombs! Listen for details. Shorty's snapchat: juggawoah420

40 - Shorty and Dolan talk LSD

Good Clean Talks 40 On this episode, the 2short and I sit down to discus Short's recent LSD experiences and the positive changes that they have brought about. Stay tuned to the end for a more in depth story of our festival experience at Welcome to Rockville festival, camping and seeing Tool live while on LSD.

39 - AJ and Dolan

Good Clean Talks 39 AJ(Apokalypto) and Dolan talk about Days n Daze, Trumps trip to meet Kim Jong Un and cross the DMZ, suicide rights and abortion, and Spider-Man Far From Home. Stay tuned at the end for an lesson on Canada Day from a real live Canadian! Special appearances by Willie and Sammy.

38 - Sammy, Gandhi and Dolan

37 - AJ and Dolan, El Regreso

Good Clean Talks 36 Aj and Dolan sit down to catch up and record the first episode of Good Clean Talks in over a year! Aj is a rapper and long time friend of Dolan.

036 - Emmie and Dreamer, American Traveling Kids

Good Clean Talks 36 Daydreamer is a traveling kid who we met a year prior to this podcast, when he came and stayed with us for a week over the summer. He joins Josh and I with his girlfriend, Emmie a fellow traveler, as we discuss everyday life, as well as political and philosophical views. Car accidents, Rainbow Gatherings, festivals, Meth labs, Crocodiles in Florida, Fox cartoons, clearing customs, the purpose of suffering, Jesus Christ, Aliens, women's rights, are a few of the MANY topics we discuss as we drink our beers over this lengthy TWO HOUR podcast