44 - Aubrienne McConnel and Steven Mason - Heteropaternal Superfecundation

Good Clean Talks 44 Aubrienne and Steven make their podcast debut on this episode of Good Clean Talks. Aubrienne regularly experiences censorship on social media, begging the question, does free speach exist on major internet platforms? We also dive into the recent live action remakes of classic Disney cartoons, such as The little Mermaid. We all find commonality in our passion for dogs and discuss some interesting facts, such as what Heteropaternal Superfecundation is! Man, that's a mouthful. What does Aubrienne believe about daily horoscopes? Does she in fact, have a baby penis? Listen to the end to find out!

43 - Austin Riley and Dolan (ft. Nick Ossa) - The Beach Trip

Good Clean Talks 43 Austin Riley and I sit down after almost 7 years to talk about a psychedelic experience that led me down a dark path, and led my life and sanity to fall apart around me. Ultimately this was a growing experience, and one I can whole heartedly say that I'm thankful for. It's important to me to tell this story because as much as I promote the benefits of psychedelics, there is a dark side to them. The next two hours are an attempt to shed some light on that dark side and to catch up with an old friend. We call in Nick Ossa, who was there that experience with us but due to time constraints and technical difficulties he couldn't join us for long. This podcast has been a long time coming so sit back and buckle up for this two hour conversation.

42 - Shorty and Dolan- Microdose

Good Clean Talks 42 Shorty and I talk about micro dosing, the stresses of life and learning to let go. Shorty speaks on his job and his plans for The Gathering of the Juggalos.

41 - Sammy, Apokalypto, Shorty and Dolan - The Ball

Good Clean Talks 41 We all crammed in on the microphones tonight to talk about balls. Well, balls, animal care, the illuminati, free masons, the music industry and corruption in the medical system. Listen up to find out how to scare a chinchilla to death! Also in the episode we introduce a snapchat computation where you could win a costume made prize or one of Sammy's homemade bath bombs! Listen for details. Shorty's snapchat: juggawoah420

40 - Shorty and Dolan talk LSD

Good Clean Talks 40 On this episode, the 2short and I sit down to discus Short's recent LSD experiences and the positive changes that they have brought about. Stay tuned to the end for a more in depth story of our festival experience at Welcome to Rockville festival, camping and seeing Tool live while on LSD.

39 - AJ and Dolan

Good Clean Talks 39 AJ(Apokalypto) and Dolan talk about Days n Daze, Trumps trip to meet Kim Jong Un and cross the DMZ, suicide rights and abortion, and Spider-Man Far From Home. Stay tuned at the end for an lesson on Canada Day from a real live Canadian! Special appearances by Willie and Sammy.

38 - Sammy, Gandhi and Dolan

Good Clean Talks 38